Sewing machine needle plate FD502803

Sewing machine needle plate FD502803

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Material: Mild-Steel

Shape: D

Size: 6.5/ 4.5 cm

Model: FD502803

Surface: Plain

Durability: Long-Life

Versatility: Available in various types for different sewing techniques

Compatibility: Suitable for various sewing machine




Fabric Stabilization: Sewing machine needle plate keeps the fabric straight and stable during operation.

Needle Guidance: Needle / Throat plate properly guide the needle to move up and down in precise pathway.

Feed dog Movement: Allows the feed dog to emerge through slots or hole, moving the fabric forward with each stitch

Thread Support: Supports the fabric and needle thread as stitches are formed.

Smooth Fabric Movement: Allows feed dog to move fabric efficiently, ensuring even feeding and reducing the risk of fabric sleeping.