About Us

Our Introduction

Ejaz Traders established in 2008 and we are the Pakistan’s best supplier in Textile/Socks Knitting Machine Spare Parts of top brands (Conti Complett, Karl Mayer, Liba, Lonati, Matec, Sangiacomo, Santoni, Terrot, Uniplet Ange). We deals in high-precision mechanical components, electro-mechanical products, motion and control, knitting elements and production supply etc.

We are your low cost source for spare parts such as ring cutters, air cylinder, encoder, actuator, sensors & valves for sock machines; pattern wheels, needle bars and soil seals for seamless & warp knitting machines, yarn fingers, feeding tubes & feeders, knives, throat plates, solenoids, stitch pressers, cutters and all spare parts of (Conti Complett, Karl Mayer, Liba, Lonati, Matec, Sangiacomo, Santoni, Terrot, Uniplet Ange). Global Supplier Proximity Switches, Proximity Sensor, Micro Switches, Heat Sensor, LVDT M840931 Sensors or Switches for Textile Machinery.

We supply good quality products as well as competitive price for our valuable clients.

Our Valueable Clients

Spare Part Products

Spare Parts and Needles, Sinkers, Encoders, Solenoid Valves, Yarn Fingers, Yarn Feeding Tubes, Knives, Circular Cutters, Motors, WAC Actuator and OEM Replacement Parts.
Spare parts, Needles, Needle Opener, Proximity, Solenoid Valves, Circular Cutters, Needle Actuator and Selector, Keyboard, LCD Display, Micro Switches, Air Pistons, Stepping Motors & OEM Replacement parts.
Spare parts, Encoders For Ange 5, Ange 11, Ange 13.20, Ange 18.1 Parts and Components, LCD Display, Keyboard, Circular Cutters & Knives, Needles and Sinkers, Air Pistons, Solenoid Valves, Air Cylinders, Yarn Feeders and Yarn Fingers.
Spare Parts, Needles, Sinkers, Solenoid Valves, Yarn Cutters, Fingers and OEM Replacement Parts.
CONTI COMPLETT Machine Parts and Components, Guides, Plates, Knives, Tangs, Springs, Bearings, Crackshaft.
TERROT Spare parts, needles, needle selection unit and actuators, needle selectors, sensors, switches and yarn selection assembly.
Spare Parts and Needles, Assembly Parts, Yarn Feeder, Yarn Guide, Sensors, Motors, Encoders, Oil Pressure Switch, Oil Filters OEM Replacement Parts.
Matec PBT 4.7, MONO 4, 4C, MATEC DE, MATEC TECNO 2 CS, Matec Silver, Matec Twin M5. M7, Matec Twin Plus.
Racop 4 MEO, Spandex Warper, Cop2KE, Racop D2, Cop2, Racop 4 MEO, RS4N-2K EBC/EAC, RS4N-3K, Raschel Knitting Machine Spare parts, Sinkers & Needles.
Air Processing Components, Oil & Liquid Processing Components, Solenoid Valves, Air Filters, Oil Filter, Oil Switches, Air Regulators, Air Pistons, Air Cylinders, Air Pipe and Connectors, Air Pressure Meters & Other Air Source Treatment Parts and Components.
Rotary Encoders, Optical and Magnetic Encoders, Absolute and Incremental Encoders, Encoders for Brushless Motors, Hollow Shaft Encoders, Textile Machinery Encoders and OEM Replacement Encoders.
WAC DATA 0379035, D5900509, SITEX 0379001, MATRIX 0379200, LONATI Needle Actuators Unit and Spare Parts, High-Speed Needle Selection.