Knife Base / Knife Plate W1600 Pegasus

Knife Base / Knife Plate W1600 Pegasus

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Compatibility: Specially designed for Pegasus UT2R, 3R W1600, W3500P, W3600P, W500PC, W600PC,

Material: High-Quality Metal

Brand: Pegasus

Components: Knife Base Plate, Upper Knife, Attachment Point, Adjustment Screw

Colour: Golden Black



  • Knife Base / Knife Plate W1600 is a crucial component of the machine’s feed dog mechanism.
  • It is responsible for guiding the fabric under the needle and assures the smooth fabric movement.
  • Knife Base / Knife Plate complete set contains a flat metal plate, Upper Knife, Adjustment screw, and Attachment point.
  • It also contains a mechanism for adjusting the stitch length and width.
  • If the Knife base/Knife plate becomes worn or damaged, it can cause the fabric to move unevenly or become stuck in the machine, resulting in poor-quality stitching or even machine damage.
  • In such cases, it may be necessary to replace the Complete Plate with a new one.